Anni Pitkäjärvi is a Helsinki based designer, originally from central Finland, Jyväskylä. She has graduated as an Industrial designer and is currently studying a Master's Degree in Furniture design at the department of Product and Spatial design in Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture. She has worked as a freelancer for well-known Finnish and international companies e.g. Artek, Aarikka, Okdesign, Woud and Hakola Ltd. In fall 2015 she did an internship at IKEA of Sweden in Älmhult.

She has been selected two times in a row in Protoshop 2014-2015, an exhibition that presents prototypes and new product ideas from 12 young Finnish designers. Her both works from Talentshop, Lempi shelf and Pinna hatshelf found a manufacturer in record time. In 2016 she was selected to Talentshop, an exhibition concept introducing the rising stars of the Finnish design scene.  She was a member of Luomo collective that was awarded at Muoto 2016 - The Promise of the Future-prize, the annual design gala celebrating the best of Finnish design. Anni’s design idiom is clear and reduced, but never boring. She wants to design inventive and emotionally touching objects and furniture, without forgetting usability.

In summer 2016 Anni Pitkäjärvi established Studio Finna with her colleague Hanna-Kaarina Heikkilä.  www.studiofinna.com



MA in Product and Spatial design, Aalto University, Helsinki, Finland 2014-
BA in Interior Arhitecture and Furniture Design, Aalto University, Helsinki, Finland 2011-2016
Industrial Design in North Karelian University of Applied Sciences, Joensuu, Finland 2005-2010



Studio Finna, Helsinki (6/2016-) Co-founder and Designer. www.studiofinna.com
Hiipakka Oy. Jurva, Finland (10/2016-3/2017) Freelance Product designer
Aarikka Oy. Helsinki, Finland (2/2016-5/2016) Freelance Product designer
IKEA of Sweden, Älmhult, Sweden (9/2015-1/2016) Designer (Intern)

Artek Oy. Helsinki, Finland (6/2015-8/2015) Freelance Interior designer
Hakola Oy. Jurva, Finland (5/2015-8/2015) Freelance Interior designer
Aalto University. Helsinki/Milan, Finland/Italy (2/2015-4/2015) Designer/Carpenter

Aarikka Oy. Helsinki, Finland (6/2014-11/2014) Product and Interior designer
Susan Elo Oy. Helsinki, Finland (6/2013-9/2013) Junior designer



2017  Salone Satellite, Salone del Mobile, Milan, Italy (Studio Finna - www.studiofinna.com)
2017  Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair, Adea Oy. (O pendant lamp)
2017  Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair, Hiipakka (2x Cabinet collection)
2016  Lokal gallery, Yhes - exhibition, 19.11.2016- 8.1.2017, Helsinki, Finland (O pendant lamp)

2016  HABITARE, Talentshop, 7-11.9.2016, Helsinki, Finland
2016  HABITARE, Singnals - exhibition (Pinna)
2016  HABITARE, Toimittajien tusina (The 12 best Finnish interior design products of the year 2016, Pinna)
2016  HABITARE, Eco Design - exhibition, Helsinki, Finland (O)
2016  ID Helsinki - Interior and design, 6-7.9.2016, Helsinki, Finland (Vekki)

2016  Salone Satellite 2016, Luomo collective, Milan, Italy, 12-17.4.2016 (O and Tovi)

2016  Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair, Okdesign. Stockholm, Sweden (Pinna)
2016  Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair, Hakola Oy. Stockholm, Sweden (Lempi)
2016  Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair, Linak Ltd. Stockholm, Sweden (Vekki)

2015  HABITARE, Protoshop, Helsinki, Finland 9-13.9.2015 (Pinna)
2015  HABITARE, Hakola Oy. (Lempi shelf and exhibition stand design)
2015  HABITARE, Artek. (Exhibition stand design with Hanna-Kaarina Heikkilä)
2015  Helsinki Design Week,  Aalto University & Linak Oy. 3-13.9.2015 (Vekki space divider)

2015  Salone Satellite,Still Leben exhibition, Milan, Italy, 14.-19.4.2015
2015  Stocholm Furniture Fair, Greenhouse, Ultramarine, Stocholm, Sweden 3.-7.2.2015

2014  Aarikka 60 years with joy! jubilee exhibition, Helsinki, Finland 30.10- 16.11.2014
2014  Waste Side Story fashion show, Costo and Pure Waste Textiles, Helsinki, Finland 12.9.2014
2014  HABITARE, Protoshop 2014, Helsinki, Finland 9-14.9.2014 (Lempi)
2014  Klar exhibition, Isku Showroom, Helsinki, Finland 6.6.–4.7.2014



2016  Luomo Collective received The Promise of the Future-prize, Muotogaala, Helsinki, Finland
2016  Toimittajien tusina 2016, The 12 best Finnish interior design products of the year 2016. Pinna hatshelf
2016  Talentshop, Imu design

2016  Aalto University, Design grant, Exhibition in Helsinki Design Week, Habitare, Talentshop
2016  Svenska kulturfondet grant, (Luomo collective exhibiton in Salone Satellite 2016)
2016  Aalto University grant, (Luomo collective exhibiton in Salone Satellite 2016)
2016  Askon säätiö grant, (Luomo collective exhibiton in Salone Satellite 2016)
2016  Taike grant, (Luomo collective exhibiton in Salone Satellite 2016)

2015 Protoshop, Imu design, Pinna hatshelf
2014 Protoshop, Imu design, Lempi shelf



Pure Waste Textiles
Aalto University
Icyform (Ritzenhoff)



More updated list of magazines can be found: www.studiofinna.com

1/2017 Design@Home, France (Tovi, Vuono, O)
1/2017 Avotakka (Designer Interview)
1/2017 Deko (Tovi)

12/2016 IMAGE (Tovi)
12/2016 Avotakka (O)
12/2016 Icon magazine, UK (Tovi)
11/2016  IMAGE (Interview)
11/2016  Avotakka, The Best Products of the Year selected by Avotakka, Finland (Tovi shelf)
10/2016  Wallpaper, UK (Tovi)
10/2016  étapes, issue 233/4, France (Tovi)

9/2016  Asun #5, Finland (Lempi)
9/2016  Gloria koti, Finland (Lempi)
9/2016  Deko, Finland (Lempi)
9/2016  Koti ja Keittiö, Finland. Luomo collective wins The Promise of the future prize, Muotogaala 2016.

7/2016  DEKO, Lithuania (O-pendant lamp)
5/2016  Fiera Magazine, issue #4, UK (Tovi)
6/2016  Das Ideale Heim, Archithema, Switzerland (O)
4/2016  IFDM, Italy (O)

3/2016  Deko, Finland (Designer Interview)
2/2016  Avotakka, Finland (Lempi)
1/2016  Deko, Finland (Lempi)
1/2016  Asun #1, Finland (Lempi)

12/2015  Deko, Finland (Lempi)
10/2015 Avotakka, Finland (Lempi)
9/2015  Avotakka, Finland (Lempi, Pinna)
9/2015  GlorianKoti, Finland (Pinna)
9/2015  Deko, Finland (Lempi)
3/2015  Deko, Finland (Viima)

11/2014  Koti ja keittiö, Finland (Lempi)
10/2014 Glorian Koti, Finland (Lempi)
9/2014  Avotakka Finland (Lempi)



11/2016 Wallpaper, Model home: an upscale dream house for living dolls is a vision in pastel. Tovi shelf.
9/2016 Wallpaper,  Helsinki Design Week 2016 reveals a Finland steeped in tradition, with an eye on its future. Lempi shelf.
9/2016 Design Milk, Helsinki Design Week 2016: Design Takes Over the Finnish Capital, Tovi shelf.
4/2016 Wallpaper, Tovi-shelf and O-lamp.
4/2016 IFDM, Luomo collective, O-lamp.
10/2015 Wallpaper; Artek tea room
2/2015 Domus, Ultramarine 
2 /2015 Dezeen, Aalto University students design chairs from bright blue plywood



Coming 2017-2018! Knife set and stand for IKEA

Champagne glass pattern for Ritzenhoff. Pattern celebrate Finland's 100 years of independence. More information www.icyform.com
Tähtisumu necklace, new color/material (F/W 2018) in Aarikka Oy.
Knife set, FÖRDUBBLA for IKEA

Saimaa collection for Aarikka
Cabinet collection for Hiipakka (Sotka / Finland 100 years collection, KAARNA)
Pinna in Okdesign
Lempi in Hakola

Tähtisumu necklace (S/S 2016) in Aarikka Oy
Tanssi earrings in (F/W 2015) Aarikka Oy
Kakadu necklace in Aarikka Oy.